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Gewirtz Family &  Champion Dalmatians Champion Lolly as a pup Champion Buster Champion Jenny


Check out Firebuster Dals having fun!


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Dalmatian Club
of America


An old, but favorite family portrait, these Dals are the foundation for our Firebuster Dalmatians today.

CH Jenny, CH Buster, and CH Lolly, CD can all be found in the pedigrees of our dogs today.

Before raising show dogs, we raised children and had Dalmatians and Boston Terriers as wonderful pet companions.

In 1989 we decided to breed and show Dalmatians and made a commitment to have healthy Dals with loving, stable temperaments. There were kids of all ages coming and going throughout the house so easy going dogs were a must for us.

All of our Dalmatians are BAER-, OFA-, Thyroid-. and CERF-tested and only Bilateral, OFA, Thyroid and CERF Clear dogs are used for breeding.

You'll see lots of Firebuster show dogs here but only a few live here with us. Many of our Champions have always lived with their owners while they went to dog shows. Several of our dogs and their owners have earned obedience, agility and road trial titles too!

From time to time we’ll show off a litter of puppies that have either a Firebuster mom or dad or sometimes both! Since we believe in producing quality instead of quantity, you won’t see many litters of puppies here but when you do, they’ll be extra special!

We’re pretty proud that our Dalmatians have taken home ribbons and trophies from the Dalmatian National and also Regional shows from all over the country.

We’ll also present pedigrees and articles and information so that you can learn more about our wonderful breed.

Thanks so much for visiting our family, human and canine.


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